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Vachetta Leather Strap - Large


Our premium Vachetta leather accessories are a stylish way to add an individual touch to your favourite bag or a special. 


Vachetta Adjustable Leather Crossbody Strap replacement for your favourite handbags

Made from premium cowhide leather

The Natural and the Honey will darken with time.

Colors :

- Natural Leather : This is natural leather and it has a very light color and will get a patina over time, this leather received a vegetable treatment. It's perfect for an item that you just bought from the store.

- Honey Patina  : We used a natural leather that already developed a Honey Patina Color, it will go darker with time, the edges are oiled with a burgundy color.


Length: Approximately 102 to 120cm in length end to end includes its two 2 clasps.

Strap Width Size: 1.9 cm

Clasps Width Size: 1.7cm / 4.5 cm Long.

  1. Cleaning

Regular cleaning prevents the build-up of dust, dirt, mildew and bacteria. Use your clean fingertip to gently rub out the scratch as the natural oils from your skin will remove most small scratches. To remove dirt, grime or surface residue, use a soft damp cloth. Gently rub for removal. For a deeper clean, use a cleaner to help preserve the natural lubricating oils instead of stripping them. Cleaning is an irreversible process and therefore, thorough consideration should be made before any such attempt. Do not use coloured rags that are not dye-colourfast as the dye may come off onto your leather. 

  1. Maintaining

Care and Repair Over Time

When regularly exposed to weather, UV, dust, dirt and grime, leather can deteriorate over time. Our range of cleaners polish away visible signs of damage and extend the life of your favourite pieces. With most natural pieces ageing, breaking in and looking their best, with our range you’ll have all the products you need to maintain your favourite shoes, bags, and belts across the years.

Weather exposure – like rain, snow and sun rays – can be especially tough on most outerwear, so protecting your day-to-day wardrobe from outside exposure is always a good idea. That’s where cream-based cleaners come in. These are specialised in their formula and consistency to pair best with smooth materials. Your shoes, wallets and belts don’t have to go without a shield from the sun anymore.

  1.  Storage

Leather is a natural material and should be stored in a breathable, non-plastic or non-porous container, to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria. If you have to store it in a garment bag, make sure to keep it open for ventilation. 

Avoid at all cost: 

  • Harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners or solvents as they may contain alcohol, turpentine and mineral spirits which can pull the colour off leather.
  • Prolonged and direct exposure of leather to hot and humid weather.
  • Putting too much mink oil or animal fats may darken the leather. Animal fat may also turn rancid, causing the leather and stitching to rot.
  • Place leather near open fireplaces or room heaters. If need to dry wet or damp leather, let it air-dry naturally.
  • Waxes or silicone formulas as it will impair the leather's ability to "breathe".
  • Sharp objects that may damage leather such as shoe buckles, scissors.

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